Our Owners 

Meet Jessica and Raya, our owners! Jessica and Raya have been friends since preschool, literally, they went to preschool together! From preschool to high school dances, wedding days and raising kids, all the way to opening a business together- Jessica and Raya stuck together! They are Ying and Yang- two opposites that fit perfectly together!


Jessica is a mother of two boys who grew up in the beauty industry! Her sister, Jolene Timmers, is the founder of Serenity and had Jessica working in the salon since the day it opened! She knows all the ins and outs of the business and keeps Serenity running like a well oiled machine! Jessica is our “flower child” as we like to call her! She loves keeping organic, earth friendly products in our salon to help keep our world, environment and bodies clean!


Raya is a mother of two girls who never dreamed she would fall in love with the beauty industry, but she did! She is a United States Army Veteran who scouted and cleared routes for convoys through Afghanistan. Upon her return, Jessica urged her to step into the world of beauty and Raya fell in love with it forever! Raya loves furthering education and also teaches cosmetology part time at WITC! Ying and yang, two seemingly opposite forces, together rise and complete the perfect circle. They are stronger together!